Learner hanged from tree by uncle

05 Sep 2013 08:00
OHAMEVA, 05 SEP (NAMPA) - A retired prison warden accused of torturing his 16-year-old nephew appeared before court at Eenhana on charges of domestic violence, child abuse and common assault on Monday.
Gabriel Mbwangela Wangushu accused Silas Akweenda of stealing N.dollars 480 from under a pillow in his shopkeeper’s bedroom on 25 August.
He allegedly hanged the boy from a tree with a rope for about 30 minutes at Elundu lOndjaba Village in the Ohangwena Region’s Okongo Constituency last Thursday, reportedly after the boy kept denying that he had taken the money.
Akweenda is an orphan and he lives with his grandmother, Hileni Shimana, near Wangushu’s homestead.
He is in Grade 8 at Ohameva Combined School (CS), which is also situated in the Okongo Constituency.
The boy had been at his uncle’s homestead for the school holidays when the alleged torture took place.
Akweenda admitted that he was at the shopkeeper’s homestead with his friend to buy snacks, but denied entering the rooms at the homestead.
He sustained severe injuries on his arms, which were still swollen by Wednesday as a result of the hanging.
Shimana said Akweenda is now unable to use his hands.
“I am disturbed by the fact that the child can no longer wash himself or eat by himself. I am now responsible for washing him, feeding him and helping him when he needs the bathroom,” she noted.
His injuries have also resulted in him not being able to write or even open his books at school.
“This can negatively affect his examination results at the end of the year,” Shimana argued, adding that she now fears that the boy might lose the use of his arms permanently.
Wangushu took Akweenda to the police station at Okongo on Sunday in hopes that he would be questioned by the police, but instead, he (Wangushu) was arrested.
Commander of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Ohangwena Region, Commissioner Tylves Kampolo confirmed his arrest on Wednesday, saying he appeared in court at Eenhana on Monday.
He said Wangushu was released on a warning, but could not say when he is expected to appear in court again.