Mobile Science School For Namibia

23 May 2013 06:38

GOBABEB, 21 MAY (NAMPA) ? The concept of a mobile science education and research school for learners, known as an EduMobile school, will be tested in the north and north-western parts of Namibia next month.
This new education concept is expected to change after-school activities for school learners in those areas dramatically. It is being spearheaded by EduVentures, which is affiliated to the National Museum of Namibia.
The programme in the North is set to start in June this year, EduVentures? chairperson Benson Muramba told Nampa at the National Biodiversity Action Day here on Saturday.
He explained that the project combines practical research and science education, and came about after EduVentures realised that most of the learners working on their projects at the National Biodiversity Action Day have been coming mainly from Windhoek, perhaps because they have access to information and equipment.
Muramba stated that the project involves taking a truck and filling it up with all the tools needed to provide science lessons to secondary school learners in the rural areas, just like it would be in a normal science classroom.
The truck will be fitted with solar power panels, and will also have science apparatuses and computers.
?This allows us to give secondary school learners in remote areas access to information regarding science. At the moment, we are at the planning phase, and hope to start with the project in June as it is a pilot project expected to run for three years,? he explained.
After the three years, they are hoping to extend the project to all the other regions in Namibia.
Muramba said EduVentures does not want to substitute the current schools? science curriculum, but their intention is only to offer support to Namibian schools in the form of practical educational activities.
?This means that we will be going to schools to give practical education. Most of these trips will be done after school hours so that we do not disturb the normal schedules of the classes,? he indicated.
The main focus regions of the north and north-western parts of Namibia were chosen due to the high density of the learners? population in those areas.
EduVentures is an environmental education project, which was started with the National Museum of Namibia in 2003.
EduVentures actively provides environmental education experiences mainly for disadvantaged Namibian youths, whilst simultaneously contributing to the continued expansion of Namibian scientific knowledge and deepening the collective understanding of the country?s natural and cultural heritage.