Katjirua offers olive branch to opposing faction

04 Sep 2013 09:30
GOBABIS, 04 SEP (NAMPA) - OvaMbanderu Acting Chief Gerson Katjirua has said he will not relent in his quest to make amends and unify the divided OvaMbanderu community.
Katjirua, who leads the OvaMbanderu faction supporting the candidacy of Okorukambe Councillor Kilus Nguvauva as heir to the OvaMbanderu throne, this past Saturday extended an olive branch to the opposing faction in a bid to end the bickering that has divided this once closely-knit community.
The acting chief led a delegation of his traditional leaders to Talismanus in the Omaheke Region’s Otjombinde Constituency - widely considered to be a traditional stronghold of the opposing OvaMbanderu faction.
Katjirua used the platform to call on members of the OvaMbanderu community to “forget the past and embrace each other for progress”.
“I informed those gathered there to forget what happened in the past and rather concentrate on how all OvaMbanderu can work together for the common good of our nation. My emphasis was on the fact that we should stop with the finger pointing and do something constructive together as a nation for once,” he said in an interview with Nampa on Wednesday.
The meeting was however marred by a low turn-out of members of the opposing OvaMbanderu faction under the leadership of Aletha Nguvauva, with many deciding to snub the gathering.
Katjirua is however optimistic that the few who turned up to hear him speak from the opposing faction was a sign of changing times and better things to come.
“I will not stop in my quest to unite this community. I owe it to them as a leader who one day will have to be answerable on the conduct of my people during my reign,” he said.
The weekend’s meeting became necessary after an earlier meeting planned for the same purpose failed to materialise as leaders of both factions failed to reach a consensus on the central point for discussion at the said meeting.
The meeting had to be called off at the 11th hour.
The idea to hold the meeting did not find favour amongst the OvaMbanderu under the leadership of Chief Aletha Nguvauva, as they claimed that Katjirua has no authority to call such a meeting.
Senior Councillor of the OvaMbanderu, Erastus Kahuure earlier told Nampa that Katjirua defied set standards and norms by openly calling for a meeting without involving the opposing faction’s leaders in the planning and organisation of such platform.
“We have leaders through which information should be channelled. One person in his own right cannot just stand up and declare a meeting of the entire community without consulting the leaders,” Kahuure said in reference to Chief Aletha Nguvauva.
Kahuure noted that while the idea for a unification platform for the two factions could be genuine and worth supporting, the agenda during such a meeting was also not clear.
“Katjirua wants us to meet to shake hands and forgive each other, but according to him this should be done without stating the reasons behind the division. I do not see how we can have a such a meeting without reflecting on what it is we want to do away with - what is it that we are forgiving each other for?” he said.
Katjirua on the other hand said going back into the past will not be in the interest of reconciliation.