NANSO to continue campaigning against education injustice

February 4, 2016, 8:05am

Vice Chancellor of (NUST) Dr Tjama Tjivikua at the NUST #VARSITYLOCKDOWN  

The Villager Newspaper

The Namibia National Student Organisation (NANSO) has said that it will continue campaigning and protesting against injustice against poverty stricken students following a 'successful' 2016 #VARSITYLOCKDOWN.

“As students in this capitalist state, we have a mission to fulfil, turning the tables in favour of poor and poverty stricken students, in a status quo where only the ruling black elites and whites are enjoying the fruits of independence,” NANSO said in a press release issued by President Wilhelem Wilhemen.

After staging a successful lockdown at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), NANSO staged another protest at the University of Namibia (UNAM). After there was no clear movement, UNAM took NANSO to court.

Court proceedings resulted in NANSO being asked to allow cars into campus. NANSO further noted, “[…]the brilliant suggestion made in court by the University, through its lawyer, that NANSO must wage a nationwide protest against greed, high fees and the suffering of students.”

NANSO stated that it already had the idea for this, but expressed that, “[…]the university is Leading Student Organisation That Strives For Quality, Education For All with our perspective on this one.”

Following recent decision to allow students to register and for the absolution of debts, NANSO has declared the 2016 #VARSITYLOCKDOWN a success.

“It met our purpose and revealed our strengths and renewed hope in a brighter future. #VARSITYLOCKDOWN was not a want but a necessity,” NANSO said in the press release.

NANSO further encouraged students at all tertiary institutions across the country to remain united.