Excellence and commitment are vital: Tjivikua

04 Feb 2016 01:00am
WINDHOEK, 04 FEB (NAMPA) – A high pedigree of academic excellence and renewed commitment are non-negotiable foundations towards the success of the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), its vice-chancellor Tjama Tjivikua says.
Addressing the audience that gathered for the official opening of the 2016 academic year on Wednesday, he said a sterling commitment to the institution’s mandate of quality education and excellence will be required from all at NUST.
“A uniform commitment will be vital. It can only happen if we make a commitment to be the best, for us to excel and be committed towards being the best university in Namibia,” said Tjivikua.
On the transformation of towards becoming a university, he said “It has been a tough road and the official opening signaled a sweet victory but one with many expectations”.
The vice-rector noted that the institution is immersed in a rapidly changing and global environment which propels inclusive leadership.
“In higher education as a strategic lever to drive societal development, we need to think out of the box and find ways of making participation more meaningful,” said Tjivikua.
On her impressions of NUST, new student Monica Shiweda said it was not easy to be admitted at the university.
“I had to undergo a vigorous process, such that I feel honoured to be a student at NUST, and I am positive that I will contribute towards the great legacy of this institution,” said the logistics and supply management student.
Another student, Festus Naingwendje, who is pursuing a career in electronics and telecommunications engineering, pledged to emulate the values and principles of hard work, dedication and excellence such as those of NUST.
“I am very, very happy. I always have a goal of being at the forefront and NUST is one of the best institutions in the country and regionally. I have all the resources I need to harness my potential to become a leading engineer in Namibia here at NUST,” said Naingwendje.