Sanlam Hands Over Bursaries To Six Students

23 May 2013 06:38

WINDHOEK, 21 MAY (NAMPA) - Sanlam Namibia Holdings (SNH) on Tuesday handed over bursaries to six students from the Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN), University of Namibia (Unam) and the International University of Management (IUM) in the capital.
The beneficiaries are pursuing studies in the fields of accounting and finance; business administration; human resources; marketing and communication.
In her keynote address at the handing-over ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Education Sylvia Makgone said one of the main challenges in the education sector is that results are not immediately visible, considering that investments often only pay off after many years of patience.
?For this reason, Namibians might lose hope and feel that their efforts and the efforts of the public and private sectors are in vain,? she said.
Makgone noted that according to the National Development Plan Four (NDP4), it is important to ensure that Namibia achieves the intended returns on investments so that this expenditure requirement remains manageable and yields positive results.
She then applauded Sanlam for the gesture, saying: ?I have confidence in Sanlam Namibia, considering that they have been doing business in Namibia for 85 years, and can be regarded as a truly Namibian company.?
Makgone stressed that through the bursaries, SNH is taking Government's hand and investing in young people, adding that Government cannot do it alone because the challenges are too great.
?It is very inspiring to observe the willingness and eagerness of the private sector and non-governmental organisations to get more and more involved in the development of Namibia's education system,? she continued.
On his part, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SNH, Tertius Stears, noted that Namibian children are yearning and hungry for better quality education.
He said it is also a fact that the education system in Namibia is facing enormous challenges, which prevent the Namibian child from getting quality education.
?Despite the many initiatives Government has put in place, education, especially at tertiary level, is still not affordable for many of the students and potential students,? he said, adding that it is a growing burden on government and on the parents who want to see their children get the necessary skills to contribute to the development of the country.
According to Stears, SHN has contributed more than N. dollars 1.5 million in the education of tertiary students from Unam and the PoN to date.
More than 40 students have benefited, and SNH not only offers bursaries, but also internships.
Currently, more than six students from Unam and the PoN are working at SNH as permanent and/or temporary employees and interns in different fields.
?This demonstrates our unwavering commitment to contribute to the skills? development of our students,? Stears said.
He then reminded the recipients of the bursaries that there are a lot of needy students out there who need financial support, and they should thus redouble their efforts during their studies.