I will deliver: Hanse-Himarwa

01 Feb 2016 21:40pm
WINDHOEK, 01 FEB (NAMPA) - Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa has pledged to solve challenges facing the education sector during her tenure.
Speaking on Friday at the 2016 prize-giving ceremony for the best Grade 10 and Grade 12 academic achievers in 2015, she said that in order to curb the challenges that continue to cripple the sector, a more profound and strong foundation is indispensable.
“We hear your cry, and as Minister of Education, Arts and Culture I pledge to address the challenges we face in the education sector. We will deliver with speed for the prosperity of all Namibian children,” said Hanse-Himarwa.
Some of the challenges that have taken a grip on education include children receiving lessons in tent classrooms, shortage of qualified teachers and hostel facilities.
She noted that education is one of the key factors towards poverty eradication and economic development.
“Poverty eradication can only be achieved by preparing the Namibian child to be a responsible and productive citizen, empowered with strong foundations.”
Hanse-Himarwa asserted that knowledge, values such as discipline and hard work, and educational skills are the right tools toward shaping the youth’s future.
“All these can only be achieved through education and in order for us as a country to improve the success rate of our education system, we need to make a collective effort as stakeholders to ensure that no Namibian child is lost along the way,” she added.
The minister re-iterated that a more profound commitment to provide equitable and quality education to each and every child irrespective of socio-economic background should be the order of the day.
“Education is the only hope for a bright future. We cannot be happy if there are still children who are deprived of their constitutional right to education, children who walk long distances to schools, and taught in makeshift classrooms,” she said.
Hanse-Himarwa encouraged learners to develop a culture of reading to enable them to be “critical thinkers and analysers” in order to acquire skills that will steer Namibia towards economic prosperity.
“This different dimension of learning requires self-discipline, motivation and self-control. Keep your learning ability, focus well, aim high and remember you are all destined for greatness,” she said.