Unam fashion show dazzles

November 12, 2012, 4:52 am

modelUniversity of Namibia (Unam)’s annual fashion show was a prestigious event attended by local fashion lovers, aspiring designers and, long legs on and off the runway at FNCC over the weekend.
Unam students put together magnificent pieces of garments and were able to attract the eye of the important contributors of the local fashion industry. The showcased well-styled pieces of garments were like creative work never seen before at any local scholar show.
Namibia does not have a future in a lot of things but fashion does not make it on that list, because the fabric pieces  showcased that night got close enough to compete with the Guccis of the world.
The entire show was very fascinating, because most people could relate with the final products; big girls, small girls, men and even children.
The most interesting part of the show was highlighted by a boy model who had a plaster cast, because he had broken his arm but still managed to look good.
Some of the fabric pieces were displayed by six-packed male models, something rare on our runways. It was a fun affair, feasting the eyes with male models showing nothing but their muscles, not utterly naked, of course.
The colours incorporated in the garments were mostly bright, although some were very dark. Every stitch and hem line was important to look at in every garment.
The garment features ranged from hi-low dresses to buttoned ones made from Dutch wax to chiffon.
The event was every glamorous. Every spectator’s face seemed pleased with every garment on every model. It was a job well done on the designers’ part, I must admit.
Now we can only look forward to seeing them in a high fashion TV show.