Preparations on track for Adventure Travel World Summit

03 Sep 2013 08:30
WINDHOEK, 03 SEP (NAMPA) – The first Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) on African soil will kick off in the capital at the end of October, with a whopping estimated N.dollars 51 million income boost for the country.
The Director of Tourism in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET), Sem Shikongo told the media here on Monday that everything is in place for the event, which will see at least 700 international role-players in the tourism sector meeting in Windhoek and coastal hub Swakopmund.
“It is because of the nation's commitment to conservation that Namibia is able to give to the world a wildlife recovery story, the likes of which has never been told before, and that the country was chosen to host the 2013 Adventure Summit,” he boasted.
Shikongo said through tourism, many Namibians are empowered in both urban and rural areas.
“Many look at adventure tourism as extreme, for instance jumping from an aircraft, or getting up close and personal with a lion. What we as Namibians take for granted is an adventure for others, like stargazing in the field, staying over at a lodge or even having a braai. Tourists are willing to pay money for what we take for granted,” he noted.
Shikongo added that in order to ensure that all arrangements are in place and operations run smoothly during the event, several committees have been established.
Apart from ministerial and other senior leaders who oversee the summit’s operations, several sub-committees such as for transport and logistics, media and awareness, immigration and customs, entertainment, protocol and accreditation, accommodation, social welfare, and safety and security, to mention but a few, were established.
There are also two host town committees, one each for Windhoek and Swakopmund, as these towns will be hosting the visitors.
The AWTS starts on 26 October and ends on 31 October.
It is expected to generate an estimated N.dollars 51 million for Namibia.
Summit-related sales in Windhoek alone, working with a figure of around 700 registered delegates at the opening plus an additional 350 arriving early for the ATWS, come to around N.dollars 2,6 million.
With regards to the pre- and post-summit hotel bookings and sales, the sub-total for Windhoek alone is estimated at around N.dollars 4,4 million, Shikongo stated.
“Swakopmund's revenue could be higher since the summit is taking place there, and delegates will spend at least three nights in the coastal town, bringing in an estimated revenue of around N.dollars 7,7 million,” he added.
Additional summit-related sales such as safaris, excursions, curios and crafts could bring in around N.dollars 7.6 million, while in-bound flights could raise around N.dollars 4,2 million for Air Namibia.
The biggest single-earner estimated at around N.dollars 26 million is public relations and media benefits, while local television stations and video companies will also earn around N.dollars 2 million by means of screening and airing the travel summit.
“To the team working on the summit, known as Team Destination Namibia, the value of the summit is priceless,” Shikongo indicated.
The summit is expected to draw around 700 delegates from at least 60 countries.
Windhoek and Swakopmund are the settings, with the coastal town being the main venue for the meetings and deliberations between member countries.