MTC donates fish to NRCS

03 Sep 2013 07:50
WINDHOEK, 03 SEP (NAMPA) - Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) on Tuesday donated tinned fish worth N.dollars 100 000 to the Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS) in support of vulnerable people in Namibia.
Handing-over the donation in the capital, MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs’ Officer Tim Ekandjo commended the NRCS for the good work they have done over the years, especially at times when the country is faced with serious challenges like drought.
He noted that the NRCS has always created innovative ways to support and make a contribution to the country, although they have financial challenges of their own.
“Also allow me to thank our government for their contribution, and for coming out strong to support our people. Government support has been very visible, and we encourage them to continue with the good work,” Ekandjo stated.
Speaking at the same occasion, NRCS Secretary-General Dorkas Kapembe-Haiduwa thanked MTC for their continuous support of vulnerable people in Namibia who are food-insecure as a result of the current drought.
She said the NRCS, along with MTC, launched a Short Message Services (SMS) campaign recently as part of the ‘Namibia Helping Namibians’ campaign.
It is being run in partnership with the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and Pick ‘n Pay.
The SMS campaign aims to raise funds for people affected by the drought by giving the vast majority of Namibian people a chance to contribute through this initiative.
Kapembe-Haiduwa said an SMS costs N.dollars 5, and the NRCS is thus appealing to members of the public to support this initiative, just like they did during a similar campaign initiated after Haiti was hit by an earthquake in 2010.
An estimated 700 000 Namibians have been affected by the drought, and are severely or moderately food-insecure because they do not have adequate access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food.