Black Quarter disease outbreak confirmed in Kavango West

03 Sep 2013 04:10
MPUNGU, 03 SEP (NAMPA) - The Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS) has confirmed an outbreak of Black Quarter disease in the Kavango West region.
Black Quarter is an acutely infectious and highly-fatal bacterial disease of cattle transmitted through the ingestion of contaminated feed, as well as the contamination of wounds.
Rundu State Veterinarian, Dr. Thompson Shuro confirmed the outbreak to Nampa on Tuesday, saying the disease was detected in Kavango West in the Mpungu Constituency among cattle in the Silikunga, Nge, Mburuuru and Wiwi villages.
The area worst-hit by this outbreak is a farm belonging to the leader of the Ukwangali Traditional Authority, Chief Sitentu Mpasi, where about 15 of his cattle tested positive for Black Quarter Disease.
The State Veterinarian thus encouraged farmers in the affected areas to buy Black Quarter disease vaccine to vaccinate their livestock against the disease, or to visit their nearest DVS offices for vaccinations.
Animals with Black Quarter disease die suddenly, and their carcasses become black in colour.
According to the State veterinarian, once cattle have been diagnosed with the disease, it is important to isolate the infected animals so as to prevent them from coming into contact with uninfected ones.
A dead animal must be disposed of, either by deep burial or burning.