Van Schaik Bookstore donates books to IUM

January 25, 2016, 1:58pm


The Van Schaik Bookstore has donated academic books with an estimated total value of N$260,378 to the library of the International University of Management (IUM). A large stock of these books is totally new and will have their first users at IUM.

Van Schaik said that the book donations should be regarded as a corporate responsibility and IUM was chosen this year as the most rightful beneficiary because of its commitment to education.

Most books are related to courses offered and subjects at IUM such as managerial sciences, nursing, research, educational psychology and information technology among others.

Receiving the donation on behalf of IUM, Ms. Lucy Kiana the IUM Librarian, expressed her gratitude by saying “acquiring academic books of this quality for the library contributes immensely to the collection development which will support teaching and learning. The students can now exercise choice about the kind of books they want to utilize in their academic programmes. Having an increased variety of required text books will help to increase the academic profile of our university library in terms of academic ranking and excellence.”

Nestor Metusalem, SRC President, on behalf of the students, expressed his appreciation to organizations and individuals that are willing to invest in education.

“The youth needs to be empowered through education. One can never mention the word youth by eliminating the word education. We will only produce good future leaders when we have passed through a strong educational foundation.”

IUM students were highly appreciative of the donation as they were now equipped with more books to choose from in their research endeavours. In addition, having new books in the IUM library means extra resources and time saving for students not to go elsewhere in search of additional reading materials.

In addition, having new books in the IUM library means extra resources and thus students save time by not having to travel elsewhere in search of additional reading materials student joyfully said.