Mutorwa takes on absent admin staff at Swapo meeting

25 Jan 2016 15:40pm
RUNDU, 25 JAN (NAMPA) – Swapo’s national leader assigned to Kavango East on Saturday expressed dissatisfaction with the absence of senior administrative staff from the Kavango Regional Council (KRC) and Rundu Town Council from the party’s consultative meeting.
John Mutorwa, who is also the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, was straightforward when he told the gathering he wanted to hear from administrative staff, as they are responsible for the implementation of programmes and projects in the region.
He wanted to hear from them what problems they are encountering in the implementation process and whether these problems stem from a lack of finances or resources.
“This is a meeting for regional councils, national leaders and the party leadership. An invitation was sent out specifically to senior officials who are accountable to the regional council and town council.”
Mostly regional councillors and the chairperson of the Kavango Regional Council, KRC John Thighuru were present at the meeting, while none of the administrative staff attended.
From the Rundu Town Council, only the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Romanus Haironga and Head of Community Services at RTC, Fransiska Thikerete attended.
Mutorwa said it is “useless” for politicians to call important meetings aimed at developing regions if those responsible for the actual planning and implementation are not involved.
“I requested the regional council to come with their senior administrative staff. We can talk as politicians as we want but if there is a blockage at administrative level, you have a problem. This is very serious.”
Mutorwa said the consultative and planning meeting was important, as it would focus on the Swapo Party manifesto and on the electoral promises that they as leaders made to the Namibian nation.