Last victim of poisoned porridge dies

22 Jan 2016 10:40am
OPUWO, 22 JAN (NAMPA) – The seventh victim of the allegedly poisoned porridge in the Kunene Region died in the Oshakati State Hospital on Thursday afternoon.
Vekondja Tjiposa, 33 was the last surviving victim of the alleged food poisoning, apparently caused by misinformed minors some two weeks ago.
Governor of the Kunene Region, Angelika Muharukua on Thursday confirmed to Nampa the loss of another life.
It is suspected that the porridge, prepared by the children while their guadrdians were busy ploughing, was poisoned without them knowing of the danger.
It is believed that when the children saw the porridge was too thin, they decided to add the sediment of traditional beer; not knowing it could be a poisonous substance as everybody has their own recipe and some fortify the brew for harder kick.
According to the police report, the victims started vomiting and suffered severe diarrhoea after consuming the porridge.
The unfortunate incident occurred at the Otjikondavirongo village, in the Epupa Constituency of the Kunene Region.
Over the course of about two weeks, the allegedly poisoned porridge claimed the lives of Kakuriua Tjiposa, 11, last Saturday, while Kataeko Tjindunda, Tjanakambendje Tjindunda, and Mbatajao Tjiposa, all aged 3, died last week Wednesday.
Another victim Mukaapita Tjindunda, 1, died last week Thursday, also in the Oshakati State Hospital, while Tuapatua Tjiposa, 22, died Friday morning in the same hospital.
A dog that ate of the allegedly poisoned porridge also died.
Meanwhile, Matjuke Tjiposa, the mother of Tuapatua and Vekondja, has been hospitalised after hearing about the unfortunate incident.
This was confirmed to Nampa by Uakatira Tjiposa, a brother to the two deceased women.
The funeral for all victims will be held on Monday at Ohamaremba village in the Epupa Constituency of the Kunene Region.
Samples of the porridge found at the scene have been sent to a laboratory for testing to determine the exact cause of the deaths.
The residue of traditional beer is generally used to brew another batch.