Rundu government stores' roof damaged

21 Jan 2016 18:50pm
WINDHOEK, 21 JAN (NAMPA) – Heavy rainfall and strong winds early this month have damaged the roof of storerooms at the Rundu Government stores.
The strong winds blew off six roof sheets.
This has left the building vulnerable to flooding and the entire Government store building is under water, including the offices where staff members operate from.
Chief Administrative Officer Lukas Makayi told Nampa on Wednesday the situation has become a headache. He is also worried that the heavy rains experienced in the area will damage the remaining roofs and damage the goods kept in the stores.
“I really feel sorry for our cleaners. Every day and throughout the day, they have to clean and sweep large amounts of flood water from the stores,” he complained.
The buildings were constructed in the 1960s and are in a dilapidated condition.
Makayi said the building is full of cracks.
“Natural disasters such as rain and strong winds can just add to it falling apart at any point now if it is not given special attention urgently.
“We are in dire need of a completely new government stores as even staff members here are at risk of being injured,” said Makayi, who has worked at the government stores for close to 30 years.
Echoing his sentiments was senior administrative officer Isak Shamakaka, who said the regional government stores are “neglected”.
He said they submitted requests for a new building five years ago but have not received a satisfactory response up to date.
Shamakaka said the Rundu government stores are also not optimal as the food should in fact be stored on an upper level of a building, as it is done in the Windhoek stores.
He added that the Ministry of Works and Transport has been notified of the damaged roofs and promised to replace the roofing.
Government stores serve as the central purchasing agent for Government, regional councils and government parastatals.
The Rundu government stores serve both the Kavango East and West regions.