Arrested 'millionaire' Mumbone unfit to stand trial

31 Aug 2013 05:30
WINDHOEK, 31 AUG (NAMPA) - A man who was arrested in April 2012 for alleged money laundering after N.dollars 30 million was inexplicably deposited into his bank account at Katima Mulilo, has been declared a State patient.
The 42-year-old accused 'millionaire' Amos Warren Mumbone has also been declared unfit to stand trial.
This was officially confirmed and made public by Public Prosecutor George Mahoney when Mumbone made another appearance in the Windhoek Magistrate's Court along Lüderitz Street on Friday afternoon to hear the results of his psychiatric observation.
His money laundering case will also automatically collapse and charges will be withdrawn against him because he is now declared a State patient and is completely unfit to stand trial.
Mumbone appeared before Windhoek Magistrate Ingrid Lerato Unengu when the results of his psychiatric observation were made public by the prosecution.
He was reportedly admitted at the Windhoek Central Hospital's psychiatric section, where he underwent a 30-day mental observation
In June this year, the Windhoek Magistrate's Court ordered Mumbone to undergo mental observation for 30 days in terms of Section 79 of the Namibian Criminal Procedures Act at the request of his State-appointed defence lawyer, Brian Kauta, so as to determine his mental fitness before the trial could begin.
During his first court appearance in April last year, Mumbone's legal representative told the court at the time that his client had a history of mental illness.
Kauta then also handed in a health report, which was compiled over the past few years, regarding the mental state of the accused.
In the matter, Mumbone had been facing a charge of fraud, or alternatively money laundering.
Reports carried in local English daily New Era in 2012 had it that he was arrested by members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) after N.dollars 30 million was allegedly 'mysteriously' deposited into his bank account.
It is alleged that the money was deposited into his bank account on 06 April 2012 at an automated teller machine (ATM) at Standard Bank's branch in Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region, and the bank cleared the money.
Thereafter, Mumbone apparently went on a spending spree.
After his arrest, an amount of N.dollars 29 million was found in his bank account and nobody knows what he did with the other N.dollars 1 million, former Windhoek police station commander Chief Inspector Robert Sanjahi said at the time.
Mumbone was arrested on 20 April 2012 when staff members of Standard Bank, where he has a bank account, became suspicious following his request for the withdrawal of N.dollars 69 000 for the purpose of purchasing a vehicle.
He allegedly did not give a notice to the bank about his withdrawal in accordance with bank procedures, and apparently wore strange clothes and appeared at the bank “looking not so well”.
Bank officials alerted the Commercial Crime Unit of the Namibian Police Force about the situation, which led to his immediate arrest.
Mumbone claimed that the N.dollars 30 million was legitimate money which he had acquired from a private insurance policy his late father had apparently taken out on his behalf when he was born.
He also claimed that his father worked in the United States of America (USA), and that he owns a house in the Washington District of Columbia (DC).