Hindjou gets the ball rolling

20 Jan 2016 08:42am
WINDHOEK, 20 JAN (NAMPA) – The new mayor of Okahandja, Johannes “Congo” Hindjou is poised to reclaim the status of the once famous “garden town” with an aggressive clean-up campaign next month.
Hindjou, a former footballer with 25 caps for Namibia, said the likelihood of Okahandja regaining its “garden town” status is a collective effort, and as such they will have a massive cleaning campaign on 06 February 2016.
“We will engage everyone with this campaign; we will also issue letters to schools, businesses, Namibia Defence Force (NDF) so that everyone play their role in maintaining cleanliness and restoring the lost pride in our town,” he said in an interview with Nampa on Tuesday.
Hindjou indicated that a meeting to engage the community on issues that the leadership of the town should prioritise will take place on Saturday at the Nau Uib Stadium.
He stated that it is of great importance to listen to the concerns of the residents as opposed to sitting in offices and meetings that usually yield no results.
“All the eyes are on us, and we have to act on the pleas of the people. We declared war on cleanliness in our town, and we have to listen to the people of Okahandja on what they want us to do. But they need to remember that ‘Rome was not build in a day’, but we are here to serve them,” he said.
The youthful leader singled out complaints made by residents lamenting the non-operational street lights in many residential areas, overdue provision of serviced land to the residents and electricity in the impoverished and crime-infested informal settlements of Okahandja.
“I am a resident of Okahandja and I know the problems facing the town. Even I feel threatened when driving around these neighbourhoods because there are no street lights and it is very dark and there are no sewerage systems. People are being raped, robbed and live in fear because of these problems. So, that is also on top of our agenda.”
The mayor also warned those at the fore of illegal land grabbing in the Vergenoeg informal settlement not to engage in such practices, saying negotiations are underway to address the lack of serviced land in the town.
“We are not saying we are going to chase them away, we understand that people need land, and we do not have the money or mandate to service land but we are in negotiations with the line ministry to service land,” he said.
Hindjou said that he plans on having a tour to different schools around the town to urge the youth to avoid the use of alcohol and drugs, and educate them on the importance of education.
“Education is the only way that leads to a bright future, that I can guarantee the youth of Okahandja. They must be an example of responsible young people to the youth of other regions, and stop abusing drugs and alcohol because Okahandja need them,” he said.
Hindjou then congratulated Martha Mutilifa on her appointment as Okahandja Town Council chief executive officer, saying they will work collaboratively to forge ahead on the provision of services and the development of Okahandja.