Youth learn financial responsibility with SB's Digi Card

January 19, 2016, 10:19am

Money savings kids
– (from left to right) Laaiqah Adam, Fatima Adam and (far right) Yaseen Adam posing with their Standard Bank Digi Youth bank cards alongside their mother Safoora Adam in Standard Bank’s Ausspannplatz Branch.

The Villager Newspaper

Parents are able to teach their children the importance of saving money with Standard Bank’s Digi Youth Card.

“It teaches my children financial independence at an early age. It is not just the parent’s responsibility but also the child,” said Safoora Adam, a mother of three who recently opened this type of account for her children.

Adam stressed that it is important to teach children about saving to get the things they want and has noticed a positive change in her children’s mindset in terms of how they spend money.

She also mentioned that her father began to teach her to be financially responsible from a very young age, which is what she attributes to her financial success today.

Arina van Wyk, whose children also have accounts with Standard Bank said, “Saving money is everyone’s choice. What works for me and my kids are that they have become more prudent and responsible in the way they have been spending their money."

With the Digi Youth Card, parents are able to deposit money into their children’s accounts on a monthly basis and can transfer money from their own Standard Bank accounts to their children’s accounts without transaction fees.