Namibia is secured with electricity supply: Kandjoze

18 Jan 2016 19:40pm
WINDHOEK, 18 JAN (NAMPA) – Namibia is secured with electricity and no load shedding is expected for the period 2016 to 2019, Minister of Mines and Energy Obeth Kandjoze said on Monday.
Speaking during a Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) recording session to which other media were invited on Monday, Kandjoze said Namibia’s energy maximum demand stands at 611 Mega Watts (MW) but by the year 2020 that demand will be 879MW as the country’s energy demand grows at an annual consumption of three per cent.
Among the projects that will take the country through to 2019 include, Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff projects which is expected to produce a total capacity of 70 MW and the 20 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) from GreeNam based on 25 years generation licences. These projects are expected to be commissioned by December 2017.
“These projects will be implemented without any Treasury support and Government guarantees and has no fuel resource dependency,” he emphasised.
The tariffs for these projects range between 0,80 cents to N.dollars 1,37 Kilo watts per hour (KW/h).
The investment capital of these projects will total N.dollars 2,4 billion.
On wind energy, Kandjoze said, the N.dollars 3,6 billion Diaz Wind energy project which will generate 44 MW, is expected to be commissioned in 2017, while a 120 MW HeavyFuel Oil (HFO)/Diesel short-term project is expected to be commissioned in August 2016. The tariff is expected to be in the range of N.dollars 1.80 to N.dollars 2.50 KW/h.
Namibia will continue to receive a total capacity of 490 MW available from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia.
The tariffs average is N.dollars 1.8 KW/h.
Kandjoze then indicated that his ministry acknowledges the challenges being experienced in the African sub-region for electricity security.
He assured the Namibian public that in line with that, his ministry, Electricity Control Board and NamPower have instituted measures to ensure that the country is secured with electricity supply.