CoD wants Brakwater violence investigated

17 Jan 2016 17:50pm
WINDHOEK, 17 JAN (NAMPA) - The Congress of Democrats (CoD) has expressed concern over the violence between some residents and “struggle kids” in the Brakwater area north of Windhoek on Thursday.
The party’s acting Secretary-General (SG), Tsudao Gurirab said in a media statement issued here Sunday that the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) must thoroughly investigate all allegations of criminality committed during that “ugly brawl” and bring all culprits to book without fail.
“Nothing justifies the ugly scenes of violence and brazen disregard of law and order which occurred. It can never be right for anyone or any group to justify the type of violence we saw as a solution.”
He said Namibians and the authorities should not stand by and watch while a small group of miscreants turn neighbourhoods into scenes from the “Wild West” movies.
According to Gurirab, the struggle kids have now a well-established and unfortunate reputation that they are a law unto themselves and can ride “roughshod” over the laws of the land.
He stressed it is not the first time that the struggle kids are in clashes with the police, noting that in March 2013 they pelted police officers and police vans with stones and other ‘missiles’ with no consequences.
Gurirab said the good order and law in Namibia can only function if authorities can assure the public that they can and will enforce the country's laws without any hint of discrimination or abuse.
During the incident on Thursday, a fight broke out between the struggle kids, a plot owner and members of that neighbourhood watch group.
Unconfirmed reports have it that a female struggle kid was hit by a car driven by a plot owner after he caught her and others with firewood illegally harvested from his land. A mob of the about 400 struggle kids descended at the scene and shots were fired. Several people sustained injuries, including struggle kids, the plot owner and his son, as well as members of the neighbourhood watch group.
On Friday morning, the struggle kids blocked a road in the Brakwater area and members of NamPol’s Special Reserve Force (SRF) had to use teargas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd after one of them threatened a police officer.
Deputy Inspector-General for Operations, Major-General James Tjivikua on Friday said police investigations are underway and so far no one has been arrested yet.
The struggle kids were last year December moved to the Brakwater area from their makeshift camp across the Swapo Party head office in Katutura, where they had been camping since October 2015, demanding jobs.
Struggle kids' Spokesperson, Hailonga Petrus told this agency shortly after the incident that they “appear to be living in colonialism under white supremacy”.
“Our parents died for this country, and we have to suffer like this as if we are not Namibians,” he said.