Police allegedly stood idle while civilian was attacked

15 Jan 2016 19:30pm
WINDHOEK, 15 Jan (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police failed the society, says a woman who was assaulted by a man in front of police officers on Thursday evening.
Atousa Fischer-Buder, the chairperson of the Brakwater Neighbourhood Watch group, said she was attacked without any provocation in the presence of members of the police.
“He (the accused) hit me with his hand on the forehead and pushed me back while insulting and threatening me. He even said ‘we will rape you and we will kill you’,” an emotional Fischer-Buder told Nampa from her hospital bed on Friday.
Fischer-Buder was injured after she and other members of the Neighbourhood Watch went to assess the situation where a local plot owner and “children of the liberation struggle” were involved in a vicious fight in the Brakwater area north of Windhoek on Thursday evening.
She said her attacker was a man dressed in a red shirt and seemed to be one of the leaders of the struggle kids.
After the first attack on her, the same man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her around, while shouting that he will kill the whites starting with her as they do not belong here, said Fischer-Buder, adding that all this happened in the presence of police officers.
“I got hurt because of a previous neck injury,” she noted.
Fischer-Buder indicated that she is in the process of opening a case of assault and attempted murder against the suspect.
Approached for comment on why the officers did not protect and rather stood idle, Deputy Inspector-General for Operations of the Namibian Police, Major-General James Tjivikua said investigations in this matter are underway.