Police fire rubber bullets and teargas at struggle kids

15 Jan 2016 19:10pm
WINDHOEK, 15 JAN (NAMPA) – Members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Special Reserve Force (SRF) had to use teargas and rubber bullets to disperse rowdy “children of the liberation struggle” on Friday morning.
The “struggle kids” allegedly threatened a SRF member who was part of more than 30 SRF officers deployed to the Brakwater settlement north of Windhoek following confrontations between the group and farmers of the area on Thursday evening.
Deputy Inspector-General for Administration, Major-General James Tjivikua said during a media briefing on Friday that the struggle kids blocked a gravel road in the area Friday morning, preventing the use of the road.
“This morning the situation became tense again and the police had to use teargas to disperse the children of the liberation struggle as they blocked the road,” he said.
Tjivikua said the Thursday incident transpired after one of the struggle kids was allegedly bumped by a vehicle of a nearby plot owner at about 16h00 and this led to a physical confrontation between plot owners in the area and the struggle kids.
“Three female liberation struggle kids were returning to the camp after collecting firewood from the nearby plot, where they met the owner of the plot who allegedly drove his vehicle towards them and consequently bumped and injured one of them,” he said.
Tjivikua said the struggle kids ran back and informed their colleagues.
Four male struggle kids allegedly armed with pangas and stones then drove to the plot, while a mob of others followed.
“Upon their arrival at the homestead, the owner of the plot came out to talk to them, but they allegedly attacked him and one of his sons sustained head injuries,” he added.
The neighbourhood watch group in the area turned up to assess the situation and also ended up in a confrontation with the struggle kids, which resulted in some of them sustaining injuries and their vehicles damaged.
He added that members of the Namibian Police Force arrived at the scene at 18h00 and managed to defuse the situation and bring it under control.
Four people were injured.
“Police investigations are underway and so far no one has been arrested yet,” said Tjivikua.
He then assured the residents of Brakwater that the situation is under control and that the liberation struggle are back in their camp, and that the police will keep monitoring to ensure that this does not happen again.
“We would like to warn the public that nobody should take matters into their own hands, and should anything happened they should urgently report it to the police,” Tjivikua urged.
About 400 struggle kids were relocated to the Ndilimani Cultural Troupe Farm in Brakwater since December last year after being relocated from the Swapo-Party headquarters where they were camping since October 2015.