Otuzemba community garden progressing well

15 Jan 2016 14:20pm
OPUWO, 15 JAN (NAMPA) – Kunene regional governor, Angelika Muharukua has registered satisfaction with the progress made in the construction of a community garden at the Otuzemba village.
Otuzemba is situated about 60 kilometres east of Opuwo in the Opuwo Rural Constituency.
The choice of the garden at Otuzemba is driven by the natural spring water at this village, which will be sourced to water the produce of the garden.
The garden will mainly produce fruit and vegetables to supplement food at Otuzemba and neighbouring villages.
“In order for us to do something on food security in our region, we thought of utilising our resources such as spring water,” Muharukua told Nampa on Thursday.
She was however not satisfied with the size of the garden.
“This garden is relatively small and needs to be enlarged as it is intended to feed not only the community of Otuzemba, but also those communities of the surrounding villages,” the governor said.
It is government’s intention to make people self-reliant and productive.
The community told Muharukua that land is available for the expansion of the garden.
The project manager, Kauta Tjijenda said the current size of the garden was determined by the availability of financial resources allocated to the project.
Theodor Kazombiaze from the office of the governor, who is in charge of monitoring the progress of the project, informed Nampa that N.dollars 120 000 was allocated to the project.
Some materials such as poles and water tanks have been delivered, while the outstanding materials such as fencing will be delivered during the cause of next week.
Kazombiaze reckons that the garden would be completed no later than the end of March, after which the community will be trained on how to plant and manage the project.
Venaune Hepute, an agricultural research technician at the Kalimbeza Rice Project, said the best thing to do for the community is to train them so that they know which seeds to plant during which season so that the garden can be active throughout the year.
The special advisor to the governor in the northern part of the region, Katuutire Kaura, who accompanied Muharukua to Otuzemba, advised the community to guard against possible damage to the garden by elephants.
The garden is part of Namsov’s initiative of establishing income-generating projects through the offices of the regional governors, aimed at improving the livelihoods of Namibians.
Namsov is a large supplier of quality horse mackerel to countries in west and southern Africa.
A team from Namsov visited Otuzemba late last year for a fact-finding mission on the intended project.