Over 2 500 learners to repeat Grade 10 in formal school structur

14 Jan 2016 17:20pm
WINDHOEK, 14 Jan (NAMPA) - About 2 501 candidates who failed Grade 10 in 2015 will be allowed to repeat the grade as full-time learners.
The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture Chief Public Relations Officer Johanna Absalom said in a media statement on Thursday the ministry will only allow learners who did not meet the requirements for promotion to Grade 11 but who are 17 years or younger to repeat Grade 10 in the formal education system.
“The learners in this category are eligible to repeat Grade 10, preferably at their former schools on a full-time basis,” said Absalom.
In 2015, 3 286 Grade 10 learners were allowed to repeat and of this figure a total of 2 231 learners qualified for admission to Grade 11 in 2016. This translates into 67.9 per cent of the total figure.
The ministry urged those learners who did not meet the requirements and are older than 17 years to enroll with the Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) and other part-time institutions of higher learning registered with the ministry to improve their results.
Absalom further advised those who did not meet the promotion requirements to put in more efforts in order to achieve the required points next time around.
“The ministry would like to urge the learners in this category to work hard to achieve the required points before they reach the age of 21, to enable them to continue Grade 11 on a full-time basis.”
Meanwhile, candidates enrolled with NAMCOL and other part-time institutions, who have obtained the required admission points to Grade 11 are encouraged to continue enrolling with those institutions until they complete their secondary education.
In addition, Absalom advised candidates with an interest in vocational careers to register with vocational training centres through the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) to improve their skills in vocational education and training.
According to the statement, parents, guardians and learners are reminded that by repeating Grade 10 on a full-time basis, the learners are subject to forfeiting the points that they have obtained during the previous Grade 10 Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) examinations.
In order to qualify for Grade 11, a Grade 10 learner is required to obtain at least 23 points in six best subjects in the JSC examinations.