St Boniface learners dominate top 10 spots

13 Jan 2016 19:10pm

WINDHOEK, 13 JAN (NAMPA) ? Nine learners from the St. Boniface College in the Kavango East Region make up the top 10 best performing learners in the 2015 Grade 12 examinations. They are: 1. Craig Matikiti; 2. Pandureni Sikongo; 3. Reinhard Moyo; 4. Victoria Nakale; 5. Stephania Simasiku; 6. Leon Mutamangira; 7. Adeline Kafuro; 9. Robby Sikwaya; 10. Lisho Simanga. Elizabeth Nauyoma from the Haimbili Haufiku Senior Secondary School ended eighth overall. Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa made the announcement of the 2015 Namibia Secondary School Certificate (NSSC) Ordinary Level results for full-time and part-time learners during a media briefing on Wednesday. Matikiti, 18, told Nampa shortly after the announcement he mastered study techniques and formulas. ?There is no specific secret to doing well academically, you just have to know how you study; how you get things into your head; how you will be able to remember things. Your study technique is everything,? he said excitedly. Sikongo, 18, said she was overwhelmed and excited, but pointed out to team work and prayer as key factors to her achievement. ?We worked as a team and I also communicated with my teachers every now and then to assist me with my school work. Our principal is always encouraging us to do better so this keeps us pushing harder, and I also put God before everything else,? she said. Her message to Grade 12s is ?be persistent; work hard; do not listen to detractors and set your target and finally achieve it?. Nauyoma, also 18, hopes to see more learners from Government schools represented among the best performers. ?I?m really excited because I did not expect it. My strategy was to work hard and keep myself away from bad friends. I?m the only one from a government school, so next year I want to see more learners from public schools in the top 10 and that can be achieved through hard work, dedication and commitment,? she said. The top 10 performers consist of five girls and five boys. St. Boniface College also ended first in the top 10 private schools. It has remained the best performing private school for the past eight years. It is a situated in the Kavango East Region, some 30 kilometres east of Rundu. St Boniface College is a Roman Catholic Church boarding school founded in 1995. (NAMPA) EM/ND/