Black Africa's Assistant Coach Otto resigns

January 13, 2016, 3:03pm

The Villager Newspaper
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Black Africa’s long-time Assistant Coach and former player, Otto Landsberg has resigned.

Coach Otto stressed the difficulty he faced making the decision to leave BA after seven years and said that, “I am not walking away from Black Africa; I am taking a ‘sabatical leave’ if you like, to focus on my personal life to accomplish and ground the projects I have in the pipeline and which I have neglected.”

Landsberg said that since moving to Rehoboth three years ago, the commute between Windhoek and Rehoboth for work and training complicated things in his personal life.

Although he won’t hold the title of Coach any longer, he still hopes to go to BA games and provide support and leadership for his players. “I will maintain contact with my BA players and, if need be, continue providing advice and encouragement to make them believe that they are the Namibian Football Champions and that they are more than capable to reclaim the MTC/Premiership for the 2015/2016 Football Season.”

According to a statement by BA Sports-Club, the players were surprised when Landsberg announced that he was stepping down, however they were very understanding and gave him a standing ovation as a sign of appreciation of all his hard work.

The team captain, Marvin Katire commented, “I want, on behalf of my fellow players and on my own behalf, wish to express our sincere appreciation and profound vote of thanks for the time Otto spent with us as our coach. Your departure is an emotional experience for us and we will always remain indebted to you for the football leadership you have exposed us to on-and-off the field of play.”

Katire also went on to thank the whole Landsberg family for their investment in BA.

BA’s Chairman, Boni Paulino emphasised that the club would miss Coach Otto and said, "He delivered a different and unique leadership style as a coach and our players fell in love with him. He has an excellent ability to communicate and engage players, he knows the strength, endurance and work-ethic of each player and knows how, when, where, why, and for what games to deploy his players’ skills and experience at his disposal to collect maximum points for a Premier League encounter.

"And losing such experience, loyalty and commitment is a definite blow for all of us in Black Africa, a situation the players have accepted. The show must unfortunately continue and coach Otto expects us to win the League and this is what we will do,” Paulino said and wished him the best for 2016.

Photo: Flickr