CORRECTION: Men get 2 years for housebreaking and theft

13 Jan 2016 14:40pm

WINDHOEK, 13 JAN (NAMPA) - Two men arrested during the end of December 2015 for stealing some of the contents of a household, have been sent to jail for an effective total of two years (24 months imprisonment) each.
The two men - Nghilila Nghifikwa, 36, and 21-year-old Josef Andrea Helao Modestu – were on 30 December 2015 sentenced after they wasted no court time by pleading guilty to the charges of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft.
Court records availed to Nampa here on Wednesday show that Windhoek Magistrate Kamahene Verinao sentenced the duo on 30 December last year upon their own pleas of guilty.
Nghifikwa and Modestu – both residents in Katutura - told presiding Magistrate Verinao that on 28 December last year, they unlawfully broke into a house in the Pionierspark residential area of the capital where they stole a television set, a radio, a Singer sewing machine, a microwave, N.dollars 1000 in cash and a safe containing some coins and jewellery.
They were then arrested by members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) while busy selling the stolen items on the streets in Katutura on 29 December 2015.
The two jailed men entered their pleas of guilty to the charges against them in terms of the provisions of Section 112 of the Namibian Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977, and the court as per the provisions of the said Act dealt with their case.
“It is absolute that the crime of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft is a prevalent one within the district of Windhoek and its informal settlements, and is a serious one. Although the total value of the stolen items is not indicated, the items stolen are all luxurious items and of an affluent nature,” said Senior Public Prosecutor, Amize Adams in his submissions of aggravation of sentence.
The two men were also initially informed of their constitutional rights to legal representation, but they opted not to apply to the Justice Ministry's Directorate of Legal Aid for any Government-funded defence lawyer.
Magistrate Verinao informed the two jailed men that the docket and court record of their case will be forwarded to an office of a judge of the High Court for a review process.
The two men were further informed about their rights to appeal against both the convictions and the resultant sentences.
Nghifikwa is the father of two minors who are living with their mothers in Windhoek and Otjinene in the Omaheke Region.
Modestu is single with no dependants.
Both convicts were unemployed at the time of the commission of the offences, the court heard.