Raise your property’s value with BW’s Re-Advance Option

January 13, 2016, 10:28am

Nancy McNab, Sales Manager at Bank Windhoek’s Property Finance  

Bank Windhoek

Over the years you have turned your house into a home by changing your property to reflect your own and your family’s values.

Each corner and each square meter have become your refuge and you have created your own unique living space.

Yet, nothing ever stays the same and through the years your needs change, hence your property has to change with you. Be it and extra room for a new family member or just a general facelift to make your house look trendy again.

“It is a known fact that a house that is well kept will fetch a higher price than one that has been neglected. Thus, whether you need to expand, renovate or simply just maintain your property, Bank Windhoek can help you to ensure that your dream house does not become a nightmare,” says Nancy McNab, Sales Manager at Bank Windhoek’s Property Finance.

Bank Windhoek can assist you by giving you access to finance through a re-advance option. A re-advance is the funds that you have already repaid on your home loan.

Every installment consists of an interest part, capital and sometimes insurance, thus over a period of time the balance of the loan will reduce to less than what was initially taken up. The difference between the original loan amount/registered amount and outstanding balance, will be the re-advance amount.

“Clients under the housing scheme loans will use this option to either repay their subsidies overpaid to the client by the ministry, due to interest rate changes, or to settle outstanding municipal accounts,” says McNab.

In other instances clients use a re-advance to do small renovations to their property. If you would like to make use of the re-advance finance option, then you need to complete a re-advance application form, new credit checks will be done, the Bank need proof of identity, proof of income and latest municipal bill.

Then the Bank will do the necessary calculations in order to determine whether there is an available amount or not. All securities must be in place and the Bank normally also requests a re-valuation on the property.

Bank Windhoek’s re-advance option consists out of two categories.

First there is the further advance, normal reduction on an account due to installments, but will most probably mean that the installment will increase slightly due to the reduced term.

Secondly, Bank Windhoek has the repayment fund option. Whereby a client can be refunded the funds that he/she has paid additionally/on top of his monthly installments into his home loan account.

“Should a re-advance/repayment refund be considered, the monthly installment will most probably not increase afterwards. All re-advance payments are subject to approval,” McNab concluded.