Fewer learners qualify for tertiary education

13 Jan 2016 09:50am
WINDHOEK, 13 JAN (NAMPA) - A total of 6 056 Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) Ordinary Level learners have qualified for admission to tertiary educational institutions this year.
This is a drop from the figure of 7 536 Ordinary Level learners who qualified for enrollment in tertiary institutions last year.
Minister of Education, Arts and Culture, Katrina Hanse-Himarwa made this announcement at a media briefing here on Wednesday, as she officially released the results of the Grade 12 NSSC Ordinary Level examinations that were written at the end of 2015.
She said out of 20 301 full-time candidates registered for the Grade 12 Ordinary Level last year, 92,9 per cent were graded, compared to 93,2 per cent in 2014.
A total of 27 531 part-time candidates registered for the examinations of which 78,8 per cent were graded in 2015 compared to 79,2 per cent in 2014.
She noted that a total of 47 832 full-time and part-time candidates were registered at 182 full-time and 148 part-time examination centres.
“Those candidates contemplating pursuing their studies at tertiary institutions in our country and elsewhere will have to meet the admission requirements set by the institutions concerned,” Hanse-Himarwa noted.
The minimum requirements for admission to tertiary educational institutions in Namibia include a ‘D’ symbol in English at Ordinary Level or a ‘Four’ Grade in English at Higher Level with a combined 25 points in five subjects.
In 2015, a total of 26 685 learners were registered with the Namibia College of Open Learning (NAMCOL); while a total of 846 were registered with other private institutions recognised and approved by the Ministry of Education.
This compares to a total of 22 886 learners registered with NAMCOL in the previous year (2014); while a total of 2 654 were registered with other private institutions recognised and approved by the ministry that same year.