410 entries eligible for judging phase for the 2016 NAMA's

January 11, 2016, 7:54am

NAMA Executive Committee
Photo: Pixabay

A total number of 609 entries that were received as entrants for eligibility for the Namibia’s premier musical awards ceremony were reviewed by the 2016 NAMA Steering Committee, and from this amount a total of 199 entries were disqualified leaving the remainder of 410 as duly qualified for further processing by the judging panel.

The Steering Committee consisting of independent industry experts met behind closed doors for an entire week from the 4th January to the 9th January to go through each and every entry to ensure it complies with all the rules. The Steering Committee primary duties are to ensure, that they review and verify adherence to qualify-able rules as indicated in the rules and regulations for the NAMA’s. No judging is conducted by the Steering Committee.

Major reason for disqualification were but not limited to duplicate entries, failure to deliver the physical copies as part of the entry requirement, previous release material (old songs) converted into new songs via means of remixed version and re-submitted, songs entered into the wrong categories and songs that were not listed on albums that they were entered into.

Of the 410 qualified entries, the most contested entries in terms of the number of qualified entries are;

1) Best Single- 77,

2) Best Collaboration- 67,

3) Best Music Video- 46,

4) Best Afro-Pop- 31,

5) Best Rap- 24, and 

6) Best Gospel- 20.

The NAMA Executive Committee will in due course announce the names and identities of the Judges whose task will be to listen to each of the 410 qualified entries and judge them based on artistic ability, creativity, production and entertainment value.

The 2016 NAMAs call for entry process opened on the 15th October and closed on the 5th December 2015.

The 2016 NAMAs will take place on the 6th and 7th May 2016 and the venue will be announced in due course.