18 security guards sacked and sent back to Opuwo

08 Jan 2016 15:00pm
WINDHOEK, 08 JAN (NAMPA) – A group of 18 male security guards were fired from the Ngatukondje Security Services company this week, apparently for failing to comply with company regulations.
The sacked guards boarded a minibus in Windhoek on Tuesday at 18h00 and arrived in Opuwo, where they are all from, at 05h00 the following day.
Ngatukondje Security Services Secretary, Gersanda Dankie said the consumption of alcohol by some guards is one of the main reasons why they had to terminate the employment of some of their members.
“A lot of them became drunkards - sorry to mention that - and obviously we would not send somebody in our uniform to work while they are drunk,” she told Nampa on Tuesday.
The guards commenced work at the company on 19 December 2015 until 05 January 2016 when they were asked to pack their bags and board a minibus destined for where they were recruited.
Dankie said the company was willing to train the guards but it was made impossible by their drinking habits.
“We had the confidence of training them and making them fit enough to work, but with this group, most of them were drunkards and you can’t train somebody who is intoxicated as it will lead to arguments,” she noted.
Dankie added that her company's inability to provide sufficient and quality accommodation for its employees also led to the retrenchments.
“We made a proposal that whoever is willing to stay and find their own accommodation can stay and continue working as we couldn’t supply everybody with accommodation, and for those who are unable to find their own accommodation, we would just pay for their bus fare so they return home (Opuwo), while we find another way of solving the accommodation crisis,” she noted.
On the contrary, one of the retrenched guards, Ruuke Muharukua, said their employer is using their alcohol consumption and lack of accommodation as a ‘scapegoat’.
“The real reason why we are being fired is because we exposed the company's dark deeds of mistreating us to the media and therefore they fear that they might lose their tenders,” he said.
Muharukua added that the company couldn’t use the lack of accommodation as an excuse, because before they were brought to Windhoek from Opuwo, they were convinced that everything was in place, including accommodation.
The guards complained to Nampa of being underpaid, being accommodated in poor living conditions and that their employer confiscated their national identity documents (IDs).
In response, Ngatukondje Security Services said previous losses dictated them to confiscate the IDs for a certain period, as it would guarantee that the guards wouldn’t run away with the company’s properties such as uniforms and truncheons.
Prior to his departure to Opuwo on Tuesday, guard Tuerumba Tjipopyeni expressed total dismay, saying he does not know what he was going to do with his life after losing the job.
“I’m really suffering back home; all the goats died due to the bad drought and I have got nothing left,” he said sadly.
The security guards told Nampa they are not affiliated to any union or the Social Security Commission (SSC).