Long Beach clean-up completed

07 Jan 2016 13:00pm
SWAKOPMUND, 07 JAN (NAMPA) – Long Beach has returned to its usual scenic state after the heaps of rubbish that littered the area was cleaned up.
The 15 kilometre (km) beach is situated between the coastal towns of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay.
Piles of garbage were left on the beach and the dunes surrounding Long Beach – a popular holiday spot - by revellers on Christmas and New Year’s Day.
Ministry of Environment and Tourism officials and the Namibian Coast Conservation and Management Project (Nacoma) started cleaning up the area on New Year’s Day.
The habitual littering has forced the ministry to stop the practice of “overnighting” by visitors at Long Beach as it is situated in the Dorob National Park.
Visitors are in fact not allowed to stay in the park overnight without a permit, but this rule was relaxed somewhat before to allow holidaymakers to spend Christmas and New Year there.
Park warden, Tashiya Joseph Tashiya confirmed to Nampa on Thursday that the clean-up was completed on Tuesday.
He said despite the rule that people are not allowed to camp in the park overnight, the ministry made an exception over the festive season. They will now however start enforcing the rule strictly.
Tashiya said there is a challenge of manpower when it comes to keeping the beach clean and enforcing the law, as there are only two wardens for the entire park.
“Without volunteers who help us to clean up every year, we really struggle to work because we clean almost every month when we see the area is dirty,” he said.
He noted that off-road driving and illegal camping in restricted areas were some of the biggest transgressions during the festive season.
Tashiya further said sometimes they sacrifice their holidays and work extra non-paid hours just to complete the job.
“We overwork ourselves because we know the same people who leave the rubbish behind are the same people who will come tomorrow and complain that the beach is dirty,” he said.