Struggle kids' documents verified

07 Jan 2016 08:10am
WINDHOEK, 07 JAN (NAMPA) - Almost half of the more than 400 ‘struggle kids’ camping on the outskirts of Windhoek do not have formal education qualifications.
Of the 426 people in the group, 85 have completed Grade 10, while 43 have a Grade 12 qualification.
Vice Group Leader, Jerry Hamukwaya told Nampa on Monday, 204 members of the group received formal schooling but dropped out between Grades Four and Nine citing unaffordable school fees.
Ninety-four of these struggle kids or 22 per cent do not have any formal education.
These figures came to light after Swapo Party officials dealing with the children of the liberation struggle camping at the China-Namibia Zhongobao Industrial Development property verified their documentation on Monday.
This was done in order to establish whether all of the 426 struggle kids at the camp were indeed born in exile and whether any of their documentation needs to be rectified by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.
Hamukwaya said the verification process was necessary to ensure that everyone at the camp has the necessary national documents and that these documents match Swapo records so that the struggle children could be provided with jobs.
“It is a new year and we are expecting lots of changes from the government. This process was important and fortunately we established that we were all born in exile,” Hamukwaya said.
The group is demanding that Government speed up the process of providing them with employment in the civil service.
Late last year at a chaotic meeting that resulted in the hostage of representatives, the Namibia Exile Kids Association (Neka) explained to the group of ‘struggle kids’ that the recruiting committee consisting of Neka; Ministry of Youth, Sport and National Service; and the Ministry of Safety and Security, led by Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), were responsible for placing ‘children of the liberation struggle’ and vulnerable children in available entry level positions in Government.
Mediator between the group and the Swapo Party, Nicodemus Kamati, told this news agency Monday that when the prospect of employment in Government was initiated, it was meant for those born in exile.
“We have not yet been given instructions that the children of veterans who were born in Namibia should be included in the programme,” Kamati said.
He also explained there are members of the group at the camp who do not have proper documentation, adding that there was a need to verify whether the documents of those who do have, corresponds with the information at Swapo’s disposal.
“Some of them do not have identity documents. They just have repatriation forms that belong to their parents. When they came from abroad they came with their parents and they were registered with their parents, many of whom have since passed away. Also, some of the names have been misspelled on the forms and need to be corrected,” Kamati said.
The group has been camping for close to four months, first outside the Swapo Party Headquarters along Dr Leonard Auala and Hans-Dietrich Genscher streets, and since their relocation in December, they have been camping at the China-Namibia Zhongobao Industrial Development property at Brakwater.