City Police to introduce ASOD cameras

07 Jan 2016 07:30am
WINDHOEK, 07 JAN (NAMPA) - Average speed over distance (ASOD) cameras could be installed in the capital to monitor the speed at which motorists drive.
City Police Senior Superintendent, Adam Eiseb said at a media briefing in the capital on Wednesday that the City Police is investigating ways to introduce the system and is in the process of procuring the technology. It could however not be established how much it will cost.
The ASOD system uses automatic number plate recognition through specialised cameras to detect when a vehicle passes a certain point. The timestamp on the photo at the start of a stretch of road being monitored is then subtracted from a timestamp on a photo taken at the end, and the average speed calculated.
It is already in use in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.
“We have come to realise that drivers, knowing where we have fixed installation cameras, reduce their speed within that area only to speed up again.
“This (cameras) will assist us in addressing the concern where drivers would eventually speed up after reaching the fixed installation,” Eiseb noted.
The speed limit in urban areas is 60 kilometres per hour, which is further lowered in high risk areas.
Currently, the City Police have a number of speed cameras mounted at fixed positions around the city to measure the speed of passing vehicles.
These cameras are installed at various locations in the capital and capture the date of offence, time of offence, speed measured, the location and clearly identifies the vehicle as the offending vehicle.