Four people injured after lightning strike near Opuwo

05 Jan 2016 13:20pm
ONDORE, 05 JAN (NAMPA) – Four people were injured when their homestead was struck by lightning at Ondore village in the Kunene Region on Sunday.
The village is situated on the outskirts of Opuwo.
A couple, Kanaipa Tjiposa and his wife Mukaavita Tjiposa, their daughter Uahoveka Tjiposa, 15, and Ngatujapuke Sekeus, a pregnant family member were injured in the incident.
Ten goats and a dog also died in the incident.
Tjiposa told Nampa on Monday they were asleep when their homestead was struck by lightning at around 03h00.
“My wife and I were fast asleep when it happened. Our baby was sleeping next to us but luckily was not hurt,” he said.
Afterwards, neither Tjiposa nor his wife could move or talk.
After struggling for a while, Tjiposa managed to crawl to the door of their hut and open it. Tjiposa recalled how the body of their dog, which died in the incident, was lying in front of their hut.
He called a boy sleeping in another hut and asked the boy to call the police.
Their daughter Uahoveka and Sekeus, who were sleeping in another hut at the same homestead, were also injured.
“The police responded quickly and took us to the Opuwo State Hospital,” Tjiposa said.
Ten goats which had sought shelter next one of the huts in the homestead died, while a utility pole which supplies electricity to nearby homesteads was damaged in the process.
Opuwo and most parts of the Kunene Region have been receiving rain over the past few weeks, but Sunday’s showers were accompanied by heavy thunder and lightning.
Mutariana Kavari, a community activist and senior traditional councillor of the Ondore Traditional Authority which this news agency spoke to said incidents like this are not common in the area.
The only other instance he could recall was two donkeys getting struck by lightning while pulling a cart.