CORRECTION: Serial prison escapee rearrested and sentenced

04 Jan 2016 16:00pm

KATIMA MULILO, 04 JAN (NAMPA) – A serial prison escapee in the Zambezi Region has been sentenced to a two-year jail term for making a daring breakout of the Katima Mulilo Police Station in October 2015.
Tasen Falali Mavuna, 25, who made an appearance before Magistrate Nomsa Sibanda on Monday, was sent to a direct imprisonment of two years for escaping from custody by cutting a hole in the ceiling of the cell he was held in.
Warrant Officer Kisco Sitali of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) public relations office told Nampa on Monday Mavuna was rearrested on Sunday after NamPol set up a search for him in the surrounding bushes of Chantuhu village where he had allegedly been hiding and living in a camping tent for the duration of his escape from custody.
According to police records, Mavuna had allegedly robbed a family of some personal belongings at Chantuhu village and when the victims tracked him down by following the suspect’s footprints, it lead them to a sole tent pitched in the bushes.
All stolen items believed to be belonging to the family were found hidden in the tent and this prompted the victims to alert the police.
On 02 January 2015, police set up an ambush for Mavuna in close proximity of his tent. Upon his return to the tent, he allegedly noticed some many sets of footprints and tried to make an escape but police pounced on him.
Also in the possession of Mabuna was a machete he tried using on the police officers. Nampa could not establish if this is what Mavuna used to cut a hole on the ceiling of the jail cell last year.
Nampa is also informed that Mavuna is due to be sentenced on another charge of escaping from custody. In February 2015, he had escaped from custody of the same police station where he was held on rape, housebreaking and attempted murder charges, allegedly committed in 2012.
During that period, Mavuna fled into neighbouring Zambia by illegally crossing into that country using a canoe to ferry him across the Zambezi River.
In Zambia, Mavuna was nabbed by the Zambian police in Livingstone and was subsequently sentenced to six months of imprisonment in March 2015 for illegal entry.
After serving his sentence, the Zambian police released him into the custody of NamPol to be tried on the escaping, housebreaking and rape charges; however, he managed to make another dash in October 2015.
Mavuna hails from Linyanti village in the Linyanti Constituency.