OTA struggling to evict unwanted occupants of Katutura property

02 Jan 2016 14:00pm

WINDHOEK, 02 JAN (NAMPA) – The OvaHerero Traditional Authority (OTA) is struggling to evict about 50 people living at the OTA chief's residence in Katutura illegally.
The traditional authority asked those living there, many of whom are unemployed young people, to vacate the premises by December last year in order to renovate property.
This came to light after some of the residents complained to Nampa about the lack of basic services such as water, sanitation facilities and electricity.
This news agency visited the premises on Wednesday.
In interviews, the about 50 residents complained about the “unhygienic and unbearable living conditions” they live under.
Speaking on behalf of the residents was Maverinjengisa Maundu, who has been living there for two years.
“We find it very difficult to cook and wash ourselves because we have to go and ask for water from the neighbours. We also have to walk long distances to look for firewood.
“The other challenge is that we always have to use riverbanks across Katutura to relieve ourselves because the toilets here are not working,” Maundu said.
The property houses close to 50 people, with some sleeping tents they have erected there. Many of the unemployed youth left their homes in search of better opportunities and employment in the capital.
On the erf there is one house with one toilet and two outside rooms. Bare mattresses have been laid out wherever people can find a place to sleep. A bathroom has been converted to a bedroom, with a mattress squeezed in next to an old bathtub.
Outside, a tin basin has been placed on the ground, and this is where people wash themselves.
Approached for comment, the deputy secretary of the OTA, Havarua Kandjii, said those who currently live on the property are doing so illegally.
He added that the OTA was heavily indebted because of the property’s high water and electricity bill. After they settled the debt with City of Windhoek, they decided to have the water and electricity services disconnected until the renovations are completed.
Kandjii said the house was built with the sole purpose of accommodating the incumbent OvaHerero chief.
“They are staying there against the orders of the traditional authority. We have asked them to vacate the premises by latest December 2015 because provisions have been made to start renovating the house in January 2016,” he said.
Katutura Central Constituency Councillor, Ambrosius Kandjii on Thursday confirmed that the residents had been asked to vacate the premises by the OTA, but they refused to do so.
He however insisted that the situation is unwanted in an independent Namibia and said people cannot be expected to live without basic needs such as water and electricity.