Nearly 30 criminals rounded up at New Year's Eve event

01 Jan 2016 18:20pm
WINDHOEK, 01 JAN (NAMPA) - Nearly 30 well-known criminals were rounded up by the police during the City of Windhoek’s (CoW) annual New Year’s Eve celebration Thursday night.
Assistant superintendent Nahas Ndavahoma of the City Police told Nampa on Friday the close to 30 habitual offenders were removed from the crowd by members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) and City Police.
“We did not want people to for instance be robbed of their cellphones, that is why we removed the well-known criminals from the crowd and only released them after the celebrations,” Ndavahoma said.
The two law enforcement agencies also expressed their appreciation at the fact that no one brought any weapons to the event.
“No weapons were confiscated but we did confiscate alcohol as we don’t allow people to enter the event with alcohol in their possession,” Ndavahoma said.
More than 300 people attended the CoW’s New Year’s Eve celebration, where they were entertained by local musicians Sally, Oteya, Exit, Female Donkey, Star Dust, Dixon, One Blood, Diop, the FTS dancing group and S Man.
As always a fireworks display in front of City Hall also formed part of the festivities.
The CoW hosts the event on New Year’s Eve every year.