Man dies after being stabbed at Kamanjab

31 Dec 2015 17:40pm
KAMANJAB, 31 DEC (NAMPA) – A man died after being stabbed at a club in Kamanjab on Saturday.
Deputy commissioner Natangwe Iita of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) at Opuwo, told Nampa the incident occurred at around 16h00.
Kinsley Uirab, 27, was stabbed in the chest, left shoulder and left arm. He succumbed to his injuries while being taken to the Outjo State Hospital.
A 22-year-old suspect was arrested in connection with the murder. It is alleged that Uirab had had a fight with the suspect.
Lee Hoaseb was arrested on Saturday and a police source informed this agency that he appeared in the magistrate’s court at Kamanjab on Monday.
This news agency could however not establish what transpired in court as the telephone there went unanswered.
In an unrelated case, a 56-year-old tourist was robbed at gunpoint at the Oppi-Koppie rest camp in Kamanjab.
According to Iita the Belgian national, Vital Cardeynael was approached by three men who threatened to kill him if he does not open the safe where he keeps his money.
They then tied him up with a rope and wires.
The robbers got away with US.dollars 1 000 (about N.dollars 14 713) and a Nokia cellphone worth N.dollars 400.
No arrests have been made and nothing has been recovered yet.