Guards suspected of involvement in Otjiwarongo robbery in court

31 Dec 2015 17:00pm
OTJIWARONGO, 31 DEC (NAMPA) – The security guards who were detained on Tuesday in connection with the armed robbery at the Otjiwarongo Cash and Carry Wholesale Shop, appeared in court Thursday morning.
The shop was robbed of N.dollars 314 000 by six armed men on Monday at 20h00.
The three accused are the 22-year-old Johannes Tulukeni; the 25-year-old Fares Edward and Vendalinus Alexander, 26. They are employed by Triple One Security company.
The trio appeared before Otjiwarongo Magistrate Joseph Menos Shikongo.
Shikongo explained their legal right to engage a private lawyer; apply for a State-funded lawyer through the Ministry of Justice’s Legal Aid Directorate or to defend themselves in court.
After a lengthy discussion with Shikongo on the seriousness of the nature of they case they are involved in, the men agreed to apply for a State-funded lawyer.
Public Prosecutor Johannes Kalipi who represented the State in the matter asked that they not be granted bail and suggested that the case be postponed to 29 February 2016 to allow them to acquire the services of a Legal Aid lawyer and also to allow for further police investigations.
Tulukeni, Edward and Alexander were not asked to plead and their case was postponed to 29 February 2016.
They were also remanded in custody.
The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s Otjozondjupa Regional Acting Police Commander, Chief Inspector Levi Richter on Tuesday told Nampa the tree men were detained by the police after preliminary investigations were carried out.
Their cellphones were also confiscated.
Richter on Thursday said the stolen money has not yet been recovered.
The Otjiwarongo Cash and Carry shop manager Sultan Mithan said the robbery occurred while he and five other workers were busy loading stock into a truck which was going to make deliveries at various towns in the region.
Mithan said he saw a man pointing a pistol at him, demanding to be led to the safe.
Five others with masks on joined him, shouting to everyone in the shop to lie down on the floor, including the three security guards.
Mithan said four of the five were armed with pistols, and they forced him to take them to the shop’s safe.
The armed robbers then collected the entire N.dollars 314 000 while he was held at gunpoint, and fled the shop. No one was injured in the process.
Police investigations in the matter continue.