Children of the liberation struggle’s makeshift tents leaking

30 Dec 2015 17:20pm
WINDHOEK, 30 DEC (NAMPA) - Makeshift tents used by ‘children of the liberation struggle’ on the outskirts of Windhoek are not good enough to shelter them from the rain which has started falling in the capital.
Windhoek and surrounding areas recorded about 26 millimetres (mm) of rain from Sunday until Tuesday, according to the Namibia Meteorological Service.
Although the rain was very much welcomed by most Windhoek residents, the ‘children of the liberation struggle’ however found it difficult to keep dry in their makeshift tents.
Nampa visited the China-Namibia Zhongobao Industrial Development property where they set up camp on 12 December after the Swapo Party relocated them from opposite the party headquarters in Windhoek along Dr Leonard Auala and Hans-Dietrich Genscher streets.
When Nampa visited the site Tuesday, one of the struggle kids, Aron Gerhard was very unhappy, saying while they appreciate the rain Windhoek is currently receiving, there is nothing they can do to prevent the water from entering their tents from beneath.
He said those who used shade netting to build their structures suffer even more as the water leaks from above.
“They just put us here and there is no proper place to sleep or stay,” an unhappy Gerhard said.
Another struggle kid, Morning Niilenge said their tents were damaged by the rain and all their belongings are now soaking wet because they had nowhere else to go.
“When it was raining our tents leaked. We were just in the tents because we have nowhere to go but take shelter in the tents.”
Some of the 400 children of the liberation struggle who stay in a house at the camp also faced difficulties as the roof has a number of leaks and they had to battle with the rainwater all night.
Beatha Johannes said: “We need Government to assist us and provide tents that are used by the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) and the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) because the roof of this house is leaking. Those with babies suffer even more.”
The children of the liberation struggle will have to brace themselves for more rain as the Namibia Meteorological Services, Chief Meteorological Technician Operations, Odillo Kgobetsi noted on Tuesday that “more thunder storms are expected over most parts of Namibia”.
Kgobetsi said most parts of the country will be receiving rain up to the end of January.
No comment could be obtained from the Swapo Party.