Festive road crashes attributed to alcohol

29 Dec 2015 23:10pm
WINDHOEK, 29 DEC (NAMPA) – Road accidents in Windhoek are mostly a result of the consumption of alcohol, the City Police say.
City Police spokesperson, assistant superintendent Cillie Auala told a media briefing here on Wednesday 26 accidents were recorded in the capital since the beginning of December this year.
“There was an increase of one crash when compared to the same time in 2014, when 25 accidents were recorded with 23 injuries and no fatalities,” she said.
Eleven passengers and one pedestrian were injured during the most recent accidents, and no fatalities were reported.
“Crash types of concern during this period were mainly head-rear crashes, followed by sideswipes and head side crashes,” Auala added.
The last incident was recorded on Monday at about 07h02 when a driver lost control of the pick-up he was driving and it overturned.
The incident occurred in the Hochland Park area in Sam Nujoma Drive. The driver and five passengers sustained slight injuries.
“We are urging all drivers to act responsible, observe the following distances, read the weather conditions, keep to the speed limits, wear seatbelts, stay away from alcohol while driving and look out for road works,” she said.
Auala further called on drivers to ensure driver and vehicle fitness and to avoid unnecessary stopping which may cause obstruction.