Two sisters fall victim to rape in Zambezi

29 Dec 2015 15:20pm
KATIMA MULILO, 29 DEC (NAMPA) - Two unidentified girls aged 18 and 19 years old have become the latest rape victims in the Zambezi Region.
This was confirmed by Warrant Officer Kisco Sitali of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Public Relations and Community Affairs Office on Tuesday.
According to Sitali, the victims, who are sisters, were on their way back home from a club at 03h00 when they were attacked by two men, who allegedly repeatedly raped them in a yard near Shakala Bar in the Newlook residential area over the Christmas weekend.
Sitali said the late night incident occurred near the same spot where a 17-year-old girl was earlier this month gang-raped by seven boys. She was also stabbed seven times on her back and neck during the incident on 02 December.
Sitali added that like the previous rape victim, the two sisters could also not identify who their perpetrators are. They were allegedly dragged from the road and sexually assaulted under a tree in an unidentified person’s yard.
“The rape was reported to the police on Sunday. As is the case with the previous gang rape victim, these two sisters can also not identify two attacked them, even if these culprits are to be put on police parade,” he said.
Sitali said it could not be ruled out that a syndicate of criminals are specifically targeting victims in the area.
“The victims are all under the age of 20. They are all attacked in a similar trend by being dragged from the road and raped in someone’s yards. These victims are also being threatened with death by knife attack, so we suspect it might be criminals from the same group,” he said.
Sitali added that no suspects have been apprehended in both cases yet, adding that the investigations are being led by the Gender-based Violence Investigation Unit of the Namibian Police.