Blood donations decline during holidays: Donate to help

December 22, 2015, 5:09pm

Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia (NamBTS) and World Health Organization (WHO)

Blood donations generally decline around Christmas and New Years as everyone is busy with holiday activities.

On the 2nd of November this year, the Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia (NamBTS) launched a eight week long “Donate Before You Go” campaign in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The campaign encouraged the public to donate blood before they went on holiday so that a target of 5,000 units could be reached before Christmas. To date 4400 units have been collected thanks to new and existing donors pulling up their sleeves and working together towards a sustainable blood supply for the Festive Season.

To ensure that all patients across Namibia have access to a safe blood supply during Christmas and the New Year however, 600 more units of blood need to be donated before the end of 2015. In particular Blood Type O positive and O negative is required.

Currently, there is no shortage of blood, said Zita Tobin. The supply is low but stable, Tobin said. The only way to give patients access to this precious life-saving resource, is through the selfless act of blood donation. NamBTS would therefore like to thank the 16,000 active blood donors in Namibia for giving this selfless life-saving gift.

Those interested in becoming a blood donor should be older than 16 years, weigh more than 50kg, lead a sexually safe lifestyle and enjoy general good health.

Donors in and around Windhoek should be on the lookout for our Mall clinics taking place.

23 December 2015 – Shoprite Katutura, Gustav Voigts Centre, Shoprite Swakopmund, 09h00-15h00 24 December 2015 – Maeura Mall, and Auas Valley, 09h00-13h00 28 December 2015 – Wernhill Park, Gustav Voigts Centre, 09h00-15h00 29 December 2015 – The Grove Mall of Namibia, Auas Valley, 09h00-15h00 30 December 2015 – Baines Centre, Maerua Mall, Swakopmund Woermann & Brock ,09h00-15h00 31 December 2015 – The Grove Mall of Namibia, Wernhill Park, 09h00-13h00

For more information, join the conversation on the Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia’s Facebook page or call 061 386 300.