Police in Kunene working towards accident free season

22 Dec 2015 18:00pm
OPUWO, 22 DEC (NAMPA) – The police in the Kunene Region has put measures in place to secure an accident free festive season.
The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s head of operations in the Kunene Region, Deputy Commissioner Natangwe Iita told Nampa in a recent interview that measures have been put in place to maintain road safety and save the lives of people travelling within the region and those who are permanent residents.
Iita said traffic in the region increases drastically during the festive season, particularly on the C40 road between Outjo and Kamanjab; the C41 road between Opuwo and Okahao and the C35 between Kamanjab and Ruacana.
The special operations commenced on 27 November, will end on 18 January 2016 and include roadblocks and speed traps.
The deputy commissioner warned motorists against speeding; overloading their vehicles; driving while under the influence of alcohol; and driving vehicles that are not roadworthy.
Drivers and their passengers should also remember to wear their seat belts and to be considerate of other road users.
“We appeal to the road users not to compete on the national roads,” Iita said.
The National Road Safety Council, the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund, Roads Authority, Windhoek City Police, NamPol, Private Sector Road Safety Forum, Road Fund Administration (RFA) and local authority traffic departments, jointly launched the 2015/2016 Festive Season Road Safety Campaign in Otjiwarongo on 16 November under the theme ‘Road Safety Is My Responsibility’.
A statement from the MVA issued on the 08 December said that since the launch of the campaign, 461 people were injured in 256 road crashes, with these road crashes claiming the lives of 50 people on Namibian roads.