Omufitu-Wanakashole gets modern police facility

22 Dec 2015 09:00am
OMUFITU-WANAKASHOLE, 22 DEC (NAMPA) – Government has been making steady progress in respect of infrastructural development for police officers working in remote areas of Namibia.
Safety and Security Deputy Minister Daniel Kashikola said this whilst officially inaugurating an upgraded Omufitu-Wanakashole Police Post in the Ongenga Constituency of the Ohangwena Region on Monday.
According to Kashikola, it is the government’s projected goal that by the year 2030, Namibia should have adequate facilities such as police stations, barracks, office accommodation, police training centres, amongst others.
He pointed out that the development of police infrastructure is aimed at improving the performance of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) and making Namibia a crime-free nation.
“I would like to emphasise that the facilities being inaugurated here today are meant to address your wellbeing as members of NamPol and to enable the police to provide efficient service to our community,” Kashikola told the NamPol officers present.
The Omufitu-Wanakashole Police Post was established in 2003 with the aim of controlling and patrolling the border between Namibia and Angola, as well as to contain crime in the area.
The post serves about 27 villages along the national border of Namibia and Angola.
Its officers operated from tent offices before the completion of the upgrading of the post on the 7 November 2015.
“The Omufitu-Wanakashole Police Post is among other similar police facilities constructed and inaugurated throughout the country this year and many more to follow,” Kashikola stated.
Omufitu-Wanakashole Police Post is now provided with a charge office, three offices, storeroom and radio room and five barracks with capacity to accommodate 30 male and 20 female officers.
It is also provided with a kitchen, recreation area for officers and two-bedroom house for its commander.
The facility is fully furnished and was constructed at a cost of N.dollars 14.7 million by a company called Kaoko Technical Services.