Water crisis still grips Namibia

December 21, 2015, 11:04am

Since the water crisis announcement was made, a 25 % decrease in the consumption of water has been noted in Windhoek.(REUTERS)  

By Frikkie Wallis, SABC

Although Windhoek in Namibia has recently received some rain, the capital's water crisis remains.

Speaking in a media briefing, City of Windhoek Manager of Corporate Communication, Marketing, Tourism and Customer Care, Joshua Amukugo says the city earlier this month announced that the persistent drought had left the municipality with no other option but to announce a water crisis in relation to the city's drought management plan.

A number of measures were introduced such as the watering of gardens being restricted to trees, shrubs and perennials once every second week. The watering of lawns, flowers and vegetables are strictly prohibited.

Windhoek residents are also not allowed to wash their cars at home, while pool covers are mandatory and no further filling of private pools are allowed.

Amukugo says that since the announcement was made, a 25% decrease in the consumption of water has been noted. However, this could also be attributed to the fact that many people have left Windhoek on holiday.