Festive food tips to help you survive the heatwave

December 21, 2015, 7:02am

By Jeanette Chabalala, News24
Photo: News24 

Bloemfontein – As the world rushes to celebrate the end of a long year, Chef Citrum Khumalo says the best way to enjoy the heatwave is to prepare refreshing recipes to lighten the festive mood.

Speaking to News24, Khumalo, 40, who owns a culinary school in Midrand said that as temparatures soared, people should avoid heavy food, especially too much starch and meat.

Khumalo is the president of two non-profit organisations – the culinary arts association of South Africa (Caasa) and African Chefs United (ACU).

"You need to eat food that will keep you hydrated. Opt to eat lots of fruits and also eat salads in between meals."

He says a meaty salad, vegetable smoothie or a fruit punch are good lunch options. "The secret, though, to this heatwave is water and more water."

Khumalo who has been a chef for 21 years, said although South Africans love their meat, it might not be the best option this holiday.

"Let's go less on meat and much less on salt. Remember you are what you eat.

"Take care of your families and remember to eat healthy and not too much junk because the idea of losing weight as a New Year's resolution normally doesn't work," he said.

Khumalo's five must-have essentials for a picnic:

• Lots of water • Cooler box with lots of ice • Fresh ingredients for preparing sandwiches on-site, condiments, well cooked and chilled meat, utensils • If you are going to braai, keep meet in the freezer overnight and take it in a cooler