President appoints youth in vacant assistant positions

December 16, 2015, 3:28pm


Office of the President

The Office of the President wishes to announce the appointment of Ms. Sharonice Busch, Mr. Wensel Mavara, Tuli Ouvrou Garoes as Assistants into a established (and vacant) posts at the Office of the President. In the case of Ms. Busch and Ms. Garoes these are straight forward appointments whilst Mr. Mavara is on secondment from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

Ms. Sharonice Busch is a 25 year old veteran of student politics, in Namibia and internationally, and comes to office with a wealth of experience in youth matters. She was until recently the Secretary General of NANSO, served two terms as Speaker of the Children’s Parliament (2005-2008) and acted as the assistant coordinator of the National Youth Council’s International Relations and Stakeholder engagement portfolio and on the Advisory Council of Education until 2012.

Ms. Busch still serves on the Board of the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology and acts as the Chairperson of the Finance, Audit, Investment and Risk Management committee of the Board of Commissioners.

Mr. Mavara is a 37-year-old former member of the Central Committee of the Swapo Party Youth League, former District Secretary of the Swapo Party Youth League for the Rundu Urban Constituency and also former Chairperson of the Youth Fora of the Kavango East and West regions. He had also served as a board member of the National Youth Council during the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Wensel Mavara is seconded to the Office of the President from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism where he has worked as Ranger for 9 years before this appointment. He is also a recipient of several awards. Wensel won the Sam Nujoma Entrepreneurship and Innovation Award in 1999. His crowning moments were also that of winning the overall award for the National Youth Expo in 2000 and 2001 consecutively and winning the Commonwealth Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2002.

Ms. Tuli Garoes joined the office mid-October 2015 after a brief stint as an entrepreneur. Prior to that she worked as Trade Promotion Executive at the Ministry of Trade and Industry for 8 years.

These young people join the Office of the President ranking amongst a long list of youth who had been successfully mentored by Dr. Geingob from the days of the struggle to that of the Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Trade and Industry.

President Geingob is well renowned for his role in identifying talent and nurturing young people into senior leadership roles in the country. Notable amongst such mentees is Sacky Shangala, Attorney General, Kazenambo Kazenambo, former Minister and member of both the Swapo Party Central Committee and Politburo, Goerge Simataa, Secretary to Cabinet, Tonata Shiimi, an entrepreneur and numerous other young people from the days of his political exile.

Notable senior public servants who were also trainees under Geingob in exile are the Chief Justice Shivute, Deputy Chief Justice Petrus Damaseb, Auditor General Junius Kanjeke, Prosecutor General Martha Amalwa, Permanent Secretaries Kahijoro Kahuure and Advocate Mbako. Many Regional Governors can also claim to be beneficiaries of the Geingob tutelage such as Clemens Kaashupulwa, Laura McLeodKatjirua, amongst others.

The President congratulates Sharonice Busch, Tuli Garoes and Mr. Wensel Mavara and welcomes them to the office wholeheartedly.

It is important to underscore the fact that youth unemployment is a challenge the country has to deal with and whilst mass employment might not be a possibility at this time, every small step counts. More institutions of state and private sector are expected to play their part as well in arresting the rampant youth unemployment situation.