Struggle kids touched my heart: PLAN commander

16 Dec 2015 17:20pm
WINDHOEK, 16 DEC (NAMPA) – A former People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (Plan) commander has decided to intervene in the saga between the children of the liberation struggle and Swapo party.
Nicodemus Kamati told Nampa recently he decided to help the parties come to an agreement in the shortest possible time, without creating too much chaos.
“As a Swapo member and a parent, it touched my heart seeing these kids suffer like this while they wait for a solution from the government. I decided to intervene to get a solution before it becomes violent,” he said.
Kamati said he is aware that the youths’ patience with Government is running out with regards to their request for jobs, and he also noticed that the government was taking time to respond to their demand.
He further explained that Namibia is a peaceful and civilised country and that violence is not needed in the country as it is not good for tourists, business investors and visitors to Namibia.
“Even though I am a Swapo representative, I refuse to take any side. That is why I chose to be a middleman between them,” he added.
His aim is to make sure that the two parties reach in an agreement that benefit both without the parties putting pressure on each other.
Kamati has been the middleman since October this year when the youth decided to camp outside and later inside the Swapo headquarters along Dr Leonard Auala and Hans-Dietrich Genscher streets.
He was the one who negotiated for the relocation of 400 “struggle kids” on Saturday to the Ndilimani Cultural Troupe farm north of the Windhoek after a meeting that was held on 07 December 2015 between Swapo-party leaders and the liberation youth camping at the Swapo headquarters.
The struggle kids set up illegal camps at the Swapo office demanding for job opportunities from government and state-owned institutions, majority of their relatives died during the liberation struggle.